Ocular Commercial

Commercial EV chargerCommercial EV chargerCommercial EV charger
Ocular Commercial

Heavy Duty Solutions for Public & Commercial EV Charging

Ocular has a wide range of commercial EV charging products to suit a wide variety of applications, with products suitable for fleet, light commercial, commercial, and public use.

The Ocular commercial EV charger range caters for all applications, from the small space saving wall mounted IQ Wallbox which is ideal for space constrained applications, all the way up to the heavy duty Titan range designed with rapid charge capability for multiple vehicles simultaneously.

Ocular Commercial

Designed For Australians

The Ocular IQ Commercial is suited to withstand a wide range of weather conditions, from extreme cold to scorching heat.

  • RCD Type B Inbuilt
  • 4G Modem Inbuilt Option
  • Heavy Duty Metallic Frame
Occular commercial ev charger