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We are the Experts in Solar Inverter Technology for Your Home and Business

We partner with suppliers and Industry Associations to keep up to date with the latest in disruptive technologies to ensure our clients are not left behind. These include:

Sungrow is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of inverters. With over 25 years of research and development experience, and innovative designs, it has been recognized as the world’s most bankable inverter.

Sungrow has one of the widest ranges of residential inverters on the market, ranging from 2kW to 30kW, Sungrow inverters are suitable for the vast majority of residential applications.
The Enphase IQ 7A Micro, a high-powered smart grid-ready module, simplifies installation while delivering the best system efficiency for systems with 60-cell and 70-cell modules. It has a built-in rapid shutdown compliance, is straightforward, lightweight, and easy to install.
Fronius residential inverters control household electrical loads to ensure that as much of your own solar power as possible is being used. They are also easy to integrate into popular smart home systems. In the event of a blackout during sunlight hours, your solar modules continue to produce energy, but many inverters cannot provide a backup power facility. Fronius residential inverters give you peace of mind and real self-sufficiency, thanks to their built in backup power capability. The Fronius Tauro and Eco ranges offer solutions that can cater to most commercial applications from 25.0kW up to 100kW flawlessly meeting all large-scale installation requirements.
The Smart String Inverter contains 8-Strings and intelligent monitoring and Power Line Communication (PLC), making it one of the most intelligent inverters on the market. It also includes Smart I-V Curve Diagnosis Support and quick troubleshooting, ensuring you always get the most out of your inverter.
R5 Series
The R5 series is simple to install, light and compact. To be compatible with the most common PV panels on the market, it supports a 15A current. R5 has a fan-less design and operates quietly for a better user experience. The R5 series inverter is a grid-connected inverter designed for residential rooftop installations. It has an output power range of 0.7–12 kW, and for smart energy management, the R5 series also includes a 24 hour load monitoring system.

H1 Hybrid Solar Inverters
The SAJ H1 series is a low voltage single-phased hybrid inverter for new residential energy storage installations with battery storage systems. The H1 is also perfect if you’re looking to future proof your new solar system by making it battery ready. The H1 Hybrid Inverter offers simple mode-setting capabilities and versatility to accommodate the needs of various applications, and is compatible with most battery brands. Additionally, it enables zero export solutions for smart home energy management and 24-hour load monitoring.
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Green Tech is an all-inclusive solar energy solution provider.

With over 20 years of experience in the electrical and solar industry, we design and install integrated Solar, Battery and EV Charging solutions and are trusted by many of the largest building companies in Australia. We also provide solutions to Architects, Developers, Builders, Strata Title Buildings and Residential Clients.

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Our experienced team of expert personnel are on hand to support the successful implementation of medium to large scale projects and maintenance contracts.

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